Kleen Handler’s Kleen Mitt Nitrile Gloves are Non-Slip with a Textured Palm for a Better Grip

Kleen Handler Kleen Mitt Nitrile Gloves are Non-slip Textured Palm Finish and Tear Resistant for Long Lasting Protection against Oils, Fuels, Abrasions and Liquids. These Extended Nitrile Coated Gloves are ideal for protecting hands and arms in industrial, chemical, and industrial food environments. The nitrile coating provides extra protection against oils, fuels, abrasions, and liquids. Great for janitorial, dish-washing and industrial use.From washing dishes in a restaurant to handling heavy oils and liquids in laboratories – Kleen Handlers Nitrile Coated Gloves have you covered!

Textured Coating Provides Superior Grip
Elastic & Coated Grip for Non-slip Features

· Extended Length for Full Coverage Protection on Arms

Full Length Gloves are 25″ for full arm coverage and protection for any job! Stay dry from various types of harmful or toxic industrial and chemical liquids that can easily splash onto your arms. A secure elastic cuff seals the arms from liquid seepage, keeping the liquids out for hours on end. Be confident that your gloves will stay fixed in place without the risk of slipping down.

· Coating & Textured Palm Finish for Better Grip

The textured palm finish is utilized best when cleaning slippery, wet dishes or items you can’t get a good grip on. This nitrile coating allows the water to slip right off, keeping you dry and effectively protective throughout your dishwashing task. Enjoy the simplicity these gloves provide by carrying dishes or slippery objects without the risk of dropping and breaking items.

Simply Hang to Dry with Loop

· Extra Protection Against Oils, Fuels, Abrasions and Liquids

Liquids are scary, there’s no doubt about that! Especially liquids that have toxic chemicals or burning hot temperatures. Thanks to the dexterous and tear resistant materials, these gloves are hygienic enough for long lasting wear and reusable features. Not only will you have an improved, excellent grip, but you’re that much more safeguarded from hot oils, fuels, or abrasions. Simply hang out to dry with the loop included near the elastic cuffs on each glove.

· Multiple Size Options in Width: Large & X-Large

Kleen Handler’s Multipurpose Extended Nitrile Coated Gloves are designed to fit all arm shapes and sizes with options available in Large and X-Large. Use these gloves in various environments including chemical processing, automotive, food processing, cleaning, dish-washing, laboratories and more! Great to keep on hand in the kitchen for various usages and restaurant environments.

Elastic Cuff for Non-slip Security

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