Cold and Hot Compresses – What’s best for your pain?

Hot & cold compresses are great for a number of injuries and treatments. Depending on what the injury is, you may use cold, warm or hot to relieve your pain. This can get confusing determining which home remedy to use on your injury. Here in this article, we’ll break down the usages and effectiveness of cold, warm and hot pain remedies. From headaches to back aches, these solutions can come in handy in the comfort of your own home.

Hot & Warm Compresses – Use a hot compress on areas where your muscles may be stiff and/or sore. Warm compresses are ideal for minor irritations or infections on skin, wounds and even painful eye conditions such as a stye or other conditions.

Heat therapy – Heat therapy is perfect for soothing and improving blood circulation, reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, as well as helping joint mobility and flexibility. Soothe you body after a long work out or strenuous work day with effective and comforting heat therapy! This could be a sauna, a heated pad or compress applied to the skin for no longer than 30 minutes. Remember, always stay hydrated if you’re using a sauna for your treatment.

Cold Compresses – This remedy is great for injuries that may cause inflammation and require lowering the temperature of the affected area. If you have swelling or bruises, a cold compress will aid in reducing blood flow in the affected area, allowing the inflammation to decease around your joints and tendons. Comfort and relieve your pain by targeting the area with a cool compress. Feel and possibly see a noticeable difference the next day!

It’s important to use both of these remedies and treatments no longer than 20-30 min depending on the severity of you pain at that time. These effective solutions and practices have been used by physical therapists across the world for many years. Try it it out and see what helps relieve your pain the most! Get back to us and let us know which remedy worked best for you and how fast you felt relief.

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