FOOD HANDLERS ANSI Level 5 Cut Resistant, Reinforced Gloves – COMING SOON!

Kleen Chef Cut Resistant Gloves are Reinforced for Additional Protection & Cut Resistance

Kitchen cutlery can be convenient as well as effective, sharp and make the job overall much easier! The one downside is how dangerous and risky the sharp blades on these kitchen instruments are. The last thing you want to do is slice your finger open or off! Kleen Chef has decided to step in and make your cooking experience much safer and risk-free! Our ground-breaking Reinforced Cut Resistant Gloves are heavy duty and reliable for food safety, industrial kitchen uses, food preparation and more! Bison Life’s leading brand, Kleen Chef’s vision is to provide ultimate comfort and protection with the most advanced and state-of-the-art design &  function in all industries.  

 Kleen Chef’s Reinforced Cut Resistant Gloves are designed with your utmost safety and protection in mind. Knitted with a thick polyester blend, at a level 5 cut resistance so you can work at your best performance with lesser worry of injury. The superior grip strength reinforcement between the index finger and thumb improves the longevity and cut resistant feature of this glove. The innovative construction of a reinforced and textured patch between the thumb and index finger serves great purpose in additional protection and overall durability of your work glove.

Touchscreen Compatible with Ambidextrous Design

Suitable for restaurant work or your kitchen at home, The Kleen Chef Cut Resistant Glove is ideal for any environment or project that requires sharp objects and kitchen cutlery. These gloves provide ultimate and superior protection from extremely potential cut hazards like working with glass, food handling for meat and poultry, food preparation, industrial kitchen applications and more. Use your strength to it’s utmost advantage and stay securely safe and protected with Kleen Chef’s Heavy-duty Series Food Safety Reinforced Cut Resistant Gloves!

These gloves are packed with features to make your job easier. Thanks to the soft, flexible and high-performance materials carefully selected by our team, Kleen Chef Cut Resistant Gloves offer a high quality and extremely comfortable function. For ultimate convenience and suitability, these gloves are ambidextrous as well as smart phone touchscreen compatible! No need to take your gloves off for a text or a phone call! The only things these gloves are cutting is the extra time you won’t be spending taking your glove on and off!

Knitted with a thick polyester blend, at a level 5 cut resistance

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