Bison Life launches new Keystone Series Safety Glasses

What makes a perfect pair of safety glasses for a full team of employees? Long lasting protection, superior comfort and a sleek style! Bison Life is introducing a brand new, exclusive line of Keystone Series Crystal Safety Glasses. These lenses are incredibly light, unbreakable and polycarbonate. This series exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards for 100% assurance that each employee is provided with the appropriate type of protection. A variety of colors are available to select from to achieve the perfect fit that suits whoever is wearing it. Plus, having colored lenses can enhance or balance color perception on various backgrounds outdoors. Allow your view to be vibrant and colorful while simultaneously shading your eyes!

A high impact lens is carefully constructed to be colored and coated for anti-scratch and UV400 for an effective safeguard feature. Ultimate protection and safety is the number one priority when designing safety glasses. Crystal safety glasses are fully equipped with many features designed for superior protection and durable, long-lasting use.

Excellent eyesight and protection is crucial while working in industrial environments. Be confident that your employees are comfortable, shielded and securely covered. Stay focused and on task without any distractions of discomfort day in and day out with Safe Handler Keystone Safety Glasses.

Keystone series offers a full set of colors available in full color and color lens with black temples.

Universal fit temples help minimize any slippage and discomfort while the glasses sit comfortably on bridge of your nose. The lightweight, shatter proof polycarbonate lens construction will keep your eyes and the glasses themselves in safe, excellent condition. A full-coverage wrap around lens offers the perfect balance of peripheral and straight-on eye coverage. This series of safety glasses is ideal for industrial work, dental, construction and carpentry work, sports, laboratory and general-purpose applications.

Bison Life’s Keystone Series Safety Glasses are independently tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Glasses are ideal for usage in environments that may need general purpose protection like industrial, dental, carpentry sports & laboratories.

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