See What Our Customers Have to Say!

Mark D – Purchased BISON LIFE Safety Glasses

I just love my Bison Life impact resistant, highly durable, anti-scratch safety glasses! Here on a construction site, they come in handy every day. In fact, just yesterday I almost got hit in the eye with a piece of rebar. If it wasn’t for my glasses, I wouldn’t have an eye. But here I am with two eyes, no scratches. Thank you Bison Life!

– Mark D. Amazon Purchase

Nitin M – Purchased Safe Handler Tough Cap Knee Pads

“Was looking for knee pads that would provide great padding and yet be comfortable to wear for long jobs. This is great product and make. It did not slip while doing the job. The extra length help over knees. I used this for a deck job. This was perfect when putting the boards down and nailing them. The product looks strong and will last for more jobs on hand.”

  • Nitin M – Verified Amazon Purchase

I work at a dealership, and we are suppose to wear safety glass’s 100% of the time…but we don’t “always” wear them… in 20 years I wore them off/on, but they were always “hand me downs” full of scratches and no where near clear.. the ones I had were like looking through clouded visqueen…. then one day a tool I have used for 20 years snapped and guess what… went right towards my eye!!! well that convinced me… always wear safety glass’s… so I decided to look for “the best” safety glass’s to have…so I went to local hardware stores, went online, checked the “bay”…then amazon…sure there were expensive safety glass’s..but I did not know what I should get…then I found the reviews and was satisfied with what I read…and the best part, there are 12 of them!!! enough to have at have some at home in my garage, and enough to take to work,,,,and at the price it is “ok” to misplace or loose one or two pair…which happens to me…. I got yellow because it is easy to locate under a hood, or on the dash of a car…I received tis product/each one is individually wrapped…which is nice..and they fit perfect…and are crystal clear!.. and at the price I paid, if I loose or damage ALL of these I will purchase again! very nice

Todd B. Verified, Amazon Purchase

Hiking Fanatic Purchased SAFE HANDLER Professional Crystal Gel Knee Pads

These knee pads are sturdy and very comfortable. They have thick padding and adjustable bands on the back to fit all leg sizes. I use them for gardening, exercising, and any task that requires kneeling.

Hiking Fanatic, Verified Amazon Purchase

HeidiPurchased Safe Handler Protective Safety Glasses

These are great safety glasses for everyday eye protection. For what you pay for them, well worth the purchase if you are just needing basic eye protection for the whole family. I would but these again.

– Heidi, Verified Amazon Purchase

Mary S. Purchased POPULAR LIFE Original Washable Knee Pads

“I have had surgery on both of my knees but still want to mop my floors by hand on my knees. I purchased these knee pads and am so happy I did because I can now mop my floors on m y hands and knees with no pain”

Mary S., Verified Amazon Purchase

D. Beasley – Purchased SAFE HANDLER Tough Cap Knee Pads

“I have had 4 falls in the past few months and really messed up my knees. I bought these after my knee surgery to keep them from being injured again.”

-D. Beasley, Verified Amazon Purchase

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